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Oregon Bankruptcy Laws

bankruptcy laws in Oregon State are quite unique in the provisions regarding the exemptions. The bankruptcy laws of the State of Oregon are however largely a copy paste of the Federal laws on bankruptcy. This is not because there are no creative lawyers in this State rather it is because the constitution of USA gives the power to the Senate to provide laws on bankruptcy that would be applicable to all States.


Bankruptcy Exemptions for Oregon

The exemptions stated in the Oregon State bankruptcy laws include that of mobile homes and houseboats that you occupy to the tune of $25,000. Unlike other states, joint ownership that does not double the amount but instead adds just about ¼ of the value to an exemption limit of $33,000. You also have exemption for property of business partnership, bank deposits to a limit of $7,500, food for you and domestic animals to last 60 days, furniture of up to $3,000 among other provisions


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Law for Oregon

chapter 7 bankruptcy laws, like in other States, you can either file a voluntary bankruptcy charge or it can be filed involuntarily through the creditor.  Either way, Chapter 7 of Oregon State bankruptcy law provides that you can liquidate assets to pay the debt except for the exemptions provided in the law and summarized above.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Law for Oregon

Give the fear of being left without any other means of making a living, Chapter13 bankruptcy laws allow a debtor to file bankruptcy under chapter 13 of Oregon State bankruptcy law. This allows the debtor to negotiate with the creditor debt repayment by installment. This is subject to proof of regular income from the debtor. It must be honored and therefore the fear among most people. This may explain why 75% of the bankruptcy charges use Chapter 7.


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