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New Hampshire Bankruptcy Laws

New Hampshire bankruptcy laws just as most of the other states in the United States receive most bankruptcy cases under the chapter 7 docket. The hardships in the  economic and financial sectors and the high number of unemployed people in the region has led to lots of bankruptcy cases that involve people earning less than the median income set by the state.New Hampshire implements the federal bankruptcy laws but modifies them at the statute level to suit the requirements of the residents and thus shielding them from losing everything to the creditors. One may be able to keep most of the essential assets if one files a bankruptcy petition, just as long as one doesn’t exceed the state limits on exemptions.


New Hampshire Bankruptcy Exemptions:

The exemptions that are offered to the residents of New Hampshire may include; personal possessions, public benefits, insurance, homestead, tools of trade, livestock and livestock feed, education trust funds, wages, motor vehicle, cooking stoves, refrigerator, books, clothes and other miscellaneous assets. The vale of the exemptions is calculated by the state courts just as with most of the other states.

New Hampshire Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

Assessment of the qualification of the New Hampshire residents is normally calculated on two levels; using the median family income and the disposable income. The income of a given family is calculated over a period of a year and is then compared to the median income of the same sized family in the New Hampshire area. The families that have higher numbers and more dependants usually pass the means test easily, but in some cases where the income is higher than the median income the disposable income needs to be calculated. If the disposable income of a family is less than $100 per month, then the debtor is liable for the chapter 7 cases of bankruptcy. If the debtor fails in both cases then seeking chapter 13 might be a better alternative.


New Hampshire Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter13 bankruptcy laws in New Hampshire allows debtors to repay some or all the debt back to creditors according to a repayment structures ordered by NH court over a period of 3  to 5 years.


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