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Massachusetts Bankruptcy Laws

If on wants to file for bankruptcy in thee Massachusetts area, it is necessary to ensure that one follows the process to the letter else the petition is dismissed according to bankruptcy laws . The first consideration that one should look into is the means test, this is a test based on income depending on the family size. Being above or below the limit might categorize ones case  either chapter 7 or 13 as provided by the United States federal bankruptcy laws. The tests are done with data from the national trustee program as well as the bankruptcy court of Massachusetts.


Massachusetts Bankruptcy Exemptions:

There are a number of exemptions that one will enjoy upon filing a petition for bankruptcy. The state and federal exemptions can apply n the petitions when chapter 7 of the federal bankruptcy code is implemented.

When filing for a bankruptcy petition in Massachusetts it is important to follow the federal process and fill out the forms accurately to maximize the success of the petition. The Massachusetts bankruptcy courts are famous for dismissing petitions if the forms are wrongly filled. One is also required to attend a credit counseling program before filling the petition in accordance to the state bankruptcy court.


Massachusetts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

Even if one files for bankruptcy under chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and 13, the state of Massachusetts recognizes some ineligible debts such as alimony and child support and thus one might still have some debts to foot after the petition has succeeded.

Massachusetts Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter13 bankruptcy laws usually doesn’t place the assets of the debtor at risk of transferring ownership and thus when one is looking to try and remain with all their assets, it’s the best option though one has to qualify for the bankruptcy by proving that they have a regular income. Business partners and proprietors may make use of other codes to protect their businesses and investment, but under advice of an expert attorney.


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