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Maine Bankruptcy Laws

Different states have different bankruptcy laws in regards to bankruptcy and thus is important to ensure that bankruptcy s the best chance for one to save their assets. Maine, just as other states follows the codes set by the state but also has jurisdiction on its own state affairs. There are several differences that are present in the main bankruptcy laws when compared to other states since the decisions on exemptions and judgments rely on the state laws. Getting all the necessary facts about the Maine bankruptcy laws is important and should be taken seriously before putting ones credit score on the line. One should consider an evaluation before filing for bankruptcy.


Maine Bankruptcy Exemptions:

When ones finances and debts get out of hand, one can always rely on the Maine bankruptcy laws that provide for certain exemptions such as up to 6 months worth of food, furnaces and stoves for room heating, cooking stove, farming equipment, residence properties or proceeds used to acquire a residential plot within 6 months, fishing equipment, tools of trade, a seasons worth of fertilizer, seed and/or feed as well as household items among other exemptions.  Other benefits such as public benefits, alimony, child support and insurance among others are also provided for in the Maine state laws on bankruptcy.


Maine Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

chapter 7 bankruptcy laws and 13 of the United States code also apply in the bankruptcy cases, but all have conditions to meet before one qualifies for bankruptcy under the chapters. Chapter 7 is the more popular since it allows one to discharge their debts by making payments after selling their non exempted properties with most debts being forgiven, but some debts such as child support are not forgiven.


Maine Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter13 bankruptcy laws designed to help one repay their debts over a certain period of time if they earn a regular income and also protects the debtor if they make more money than the chapter 7 cases.


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