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Indiana Bankruptcy Laws

The residents of Indiana enjoy the ability to claim bankruptcy in both state and federal capacities and usually do not require the services of an attorney to successfully file their case. Indiana is one of the easiest states when it comes to bankruptcy. Since the misuse of the bankruptcy act there has been lots of stringent processes implemented in all states. There are several facts that one should be aware of when one is looking to make a claim on bankruptcy. The first one is that the state guidelines have to be followed since the state has the jurisdiction to dictate the bankruptcy process and the second fact is that bankruptcy is not a right but a privilege.


Indiana Bankruptcy Exemptions

There are a number of exemptions that are associated with the Indiana bankruptcy cases. The first group of exemptions happens to be the non-dis chargeable debts, these are debts that cannot be waivered and may include debts such as student loans and government taxes. The debtor must also attend a credit counseling course and credit reports presented to credit bureaus. Exemptions from the state and federal codes can be claimed in Indiana during the bankruptcy cases such that it is possible to get relief on the debts if approved.

Indiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws

The chapter 7 cases are effective when the debtor cannot provide the creditor with any form of settlement except via liquefying their assets.

Indiana Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Most of the cases in the Indiana area fall under the two most common chapters in the bankruptcy cases; chapter 7 and chapter 13. while chapterv13 is effective when the debtor has evidence of a regular income, but one that can only settle the balance with the creditor over a longer period of time.


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