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Bankruptcy Laws In Georgia

Cases that involve bankruptcy laws in Georgia are guided by the BAPCPA (Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act). This act was introduced in 2005 and guides all the cases involving bankruptcy in Georgia whether involving an individual, couple, business or corporate firm. The bankruptcy laws are applied when a debtor files for bankruptcy due to financial hardships and their inability to pay off their creditors.


Georgia Bankruptcy Exemptions:

The debtors may receive relief where the case is discharged by a bankruptcy court as well as given a grace period to cover the amounts due. N the cases the state of Georgia regulates the amounts of exemptions that the debtors are allowed to claim. Residents of Georgia who have filed bankruptcy cases are protected by the bankruptcy courts and thus the creditors cannot seize their assets. The exemptions that can be claimed in Georgia are of both state and federal guidelines and thus some of the exemptions that one may claim include pension, public benefits, wages, tools of trade, homestead, insurance, personal property, retired benefits, alimony and child support among many more. The type of case may give a bearing on the exemptions one may claim as the state controls the amounts of the exemptions, but when a couple is involved the value can be doubled.


Georgia Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

Georgia chapter 7 bankruptcy laws on bankruptcy are usually of two types; the chapter 7 cases and the chapter 13 cases. The chapter 7 cases are more popular with people who have no means of repaying their creditors and thus the resultant efforts come in the form of liquefying the assents and using the income to clear bills.

Georgia Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter13 bankruptcy laws cases the debtors have to proof that they income is low and regular such that the repayment is reorganized to fit the income of the debtor. The chapter 7 option has the potential of relief and thus has lots of cases.


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