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Bankruptcy Laws In Florida

Residents in Florida have the chance of filling bankruptcy under the chapter 7 and 13 codes of the United States of America which offers the opportunity of having the dents waived according to its bankruptcy laws.


Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions:

Bankruptcy exceptions that one will experience while applying for bankruptcy in Florida include; homestead, medical savings deposit, college education trust funds, automotive, alimony and / or child support and prescribed heath aids. Some of the exemptions such as pension, wages, tools of trade, insurance and public benefits can also be part of the Florida claims. Whether one makes a case based on chapter7, 11, 13 0r 15 in Florida, one has to stick to the special laws that have been placed by the state and if one is to have a proper chance on saving their assets, then the first step will be to look for a well experienced bankruptcy attorney.


Florida Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws allows the debtor to liquefy their non exempted assets and payoff the creditors while the  The state also allows its resident to try and resolve their case via the state means, but in both cases the debtors have to follow a set of guidelines set by the state.  The debtor should first get informed of the nature of the guidelines since it might come as a shock to them that the state doesn’t allow for some of the debts to be exempted ad every debtor must first attend a credit counseling course. There are some conditions that may put the debts in the cases such as permanent disability, but without the special conditions it’s impossible to have some debts waived even if one uses the chapter 7 means to discharge their case.


Florida Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

Chapter13 bankruptcy laws code gives the debtor and extension between 3 to 5 years within which they should foot their bills allowing them to keep their assets.


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