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Bankruptcy Laws in Arkansas

Just as with other states bankruptcy laws , Arkansas has a set of local rules that are governed by the federal government. The local rules on bankruptcy give the residents a much localized means of filling for bankruptcy as well as processing the cases. The local set of regulations allow the residents benefits of a number of exemptions defending on the chapter the bankruptcy case is filled, the exemptions are helpful in protecting the debtors assets from being wholly liquefied by the creditors. The highest number of cases in bankruptcy happens when the dealer is looking into cases of straight bankruptcy where the debtor has no assets to pay for acquired debts; most of the cases are covered under the 7th chapter of the United States code on bankruptcy and in successful cases end up in a discharge where the debts are waived.


Arkansas Bankruptcy Exemptions:

Debtors in Arkansas are allowed to make use of the federal exemptions to protect themselves as ell as their assets in the case that they are unable to pay their debts. Some of the federal exemptions that are shared by other states include the retirement benefits, death and disability benefits and the survivor’s benefits. The local rules bring up exceptions such as wages, real estate, personal property, tools of trade and a wild card on personal property.


Arkansas Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Laws:

The other case that is common when it comes tochapter13 bankruptcy laws fillings is when the debtor cannot pay their debts within the agreed upon time. In these cases the 13th chapter is the defender of the debtor’s assets, the income of the debtor’s family assets as an exemption is granted to the debtor in such that all their assets aren’t liquefied and the repayment period is extended and reorganized.


Arkansas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws:

You can file  Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arkansas if your income exceeds the median income, individuals may still file Chapter 7 bankruptcy based on results of Form 22A: chapter 7 bankruptcy laws Statement of Current Monthly Income and Means Test Calculation. This is according to the new bankruptcy laws based on year 2005.



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